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(Azza-wa-Jal) and (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam).

ALLAH (Azza-wa-Jal).

Allah is the One and Only. He is the Supreme Authority all over the universe. He has no father, no mother, no wife, no son, no daughter and no children of any sort. He was existing since there was nothing on the earth and the sky, He is existing on the earth and the sky at present, and He will be existing since there would be nothing on the earth and the sky. His Kingdom is everlasting. His judgments are eternal; no one can dare to challenge His judgments, no one can challenge His justice and equity. He does whatever He wants. No one can dare to interfere in His management. He is running the whole management of the universe All Alone. He is Sustainer of the whole universe. He fed our forefathers, He is feeding us and our family, and He would be feeding to the coming generations. He has no discrimination between Muslims and Non-Muslims. He distributes foodstuffs and other luxuries of life on justice and equity, according to our needs. One who spends more, Allah bestows him more; one who spends less, Allah bestows him less; and one who spends nothing, Allah gives a full stop of His blessings to him. He exists everywhere, but our worldly eyes can’t see Him. He watches our activities pertaining to our day-to-day life, pertaining to our minds and thoughts, and pertaining to our hearts. He knows what is in our minds, what we are thinking, and what we are going to do. Even a single ant cannot be away from His Concentration. He provides sustenance to all the human beings and the living creatures that are surviving in this universe and will take birth since we will see off this world by way of death. Allah speaks to the believers in the unmistakable language of Quran, who is the Undying Soul seated in the chambers of our hearts, Who is our In-dweller, our Innermost Self. There is no one to be worshipped except Allah. He will call us (the human beings) on the Day of Resurrection. On that day, everyone would be responsible for his/her bad deeds. He has made Heaven for the pious guys (none other than Muslims) and the Hell Fire for the wicked people regardless of Muslims and Non-Muslims. Since we live in an evil environment, Satan uses illusions, distorted values, and false hope to obtain our allegiance. How can we resist him? Even though we reside in a satanic territory, Allah lives within our lives. He is waiting to enable you to resist temptation and to live a life of freedom. He is the Source of Strength that we need to live for Him! Hold on to Allah and experience His Supernatural Power for abundant living.

MUHAMMAD (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam).

Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) exposed the lies and deception of Satan. He (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) told us that Allah is the Inextinguishable Light that permeates the darkness. He is the King of the universe. He is far greater than Satan! We must follow Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) to renew our minds with Allah’s truth. He said, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, lest Allah will include you in the list of infidels. Copy me, my lifestyle and my teachings; you will be the most successful people on the Day of Judgment. If we follow Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam), Allah will be pleased with us all, and will bestow us with the luxuries of the Heaven as a reward. Allah will transform us into a new person by changing the way we think. Then we will learn to know Allah’s will for us, which is good and pleasing and perfect”. Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) is the last and most beloved prophet of Allah. He has an unprecedented personality and unique final revelation in shape of Quran and Hadith. His teachings are easy to be adopted in our day to day life. If we have a firm belief in his personality as the most beloved and last prophet of Allah and act upon his advice and teachings, definitely he would make proper recommendations to Allah for our delivery from our sins on the Day of Resurrection. His recommendations will make good for the loss if there is any shortcoming or loopholes in the life we spent in this world. After death we will have no chance to do pious deeds, this is our final chance to love him and adopt his teachings in our day to day life. If we love him, we love Allah. If we hate him, we hate Allah. His pleasure is Allah’s pleasure; his displeasure is Allah’s displeasure. He wanted us to be successful on the Day of Resurrection; that’s why he extended every feedback regarding Allah’s pleasure and displeasure, regarding Heaven and the Hell Fire.

Pertaining to the holy names of
ALLAH (Azza-wa-Jal).
MUHAMMAD (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam).

These days, everyone is facing lots of agonies and problems in his/her life. These agonies and problems may be removed provided we have a strong bond of relationship with Allah and His Most Beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam). The following wazifa will help you make a strong bond of relationship with Allah and His Most Beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam). Before starting this wazifa you have to arrange a beautiful rosary of 298 beads, because proper counting of reading the text is of vital significance. If anyone takes a little quantity of medicine, it will not work to the patient; likewise if anyone takes a higher quantity of medicine, it will react to the patient. This is the case with wazifas as well; exact counting of the text makes your wazifa more powerful and efficacious and it works extremely faster. When anyone starts reading the following amal/wazifa for the whole of his/her life, he/she will never face any problem in his/her day-to-day life:-

Sr. No. Wazifa Quantity

1. Allah Huma Sallay Aala Muhammad Wa Aale Muhammad
21 Times
2. Ya Allaho Ya Wakeelo Ya Mubdiyo Ya Aliyo
298 Times
3. Allah Huma Sallay Aala Muhammad Wa Aale Muhammad
21 Times
4. Time of Recitation In the morning and in the evening

Specification of time makes your wazifa stronger and stronger; but still there is no need of timeframe, you may read it any time.

What are the benefits of this wazifa?

This entire universe has emerged by the commandments of Allah. Indeed all this is nothing but the sign of power of Allah. Out of ninety nine names of Allah in the Holy Quran, this wazifa contains only four names i.e. Allah, Wakeel, Mubdi, Ali. Allah is the personal name of God, which means the Most High Commander of the universe/Leader of the ninety nine holy names of God. In other words, we may say that Allah is commanding the whole universe All Alone, and all the ninety nine names of Allah are extremely powerful. There is no wazifa higher than the names of Allah. There is no greater wealth, higher than the Wazifa containing the names of Allah. While you read this wazifa, blessings directly emerge from Allah Almighty for deeper intellect, better prosperity and easier automatic relief of family, social and other problems. This wazifa should not be treated as casual one; it is the most special wazifa that sustains a lot of booties behind it. This earth may lose its motion, sun may rise from west instead of east, moon and stars may lose their shining, but it is not possible that this wazifa will not work. If properly read, this wazifa will work beyond your expectations. It will invoke a new spirit of life in your personality. This is all because you accept Allah to be One who can help you everywhere. This wazifa also contains a lot of angels and moakals (moakal is the 6th kind of angels) behind it like Jibraeel, Israfeel, Tataeel, Riftimaeel, Hirozaeel, Sarakitaeel, Royaeel, Dirdaeel, Lomaeel etc. etc. All the above angels and moakals command over a lengthy row of angels and moakals, as well. These angels and moakals are extremely beneficial to the reader of the wazifa; they do not hurt the reader, but help the reader in the hours of trouble quite secretly, wherever necessary. They remove all the obstacles from the path of your achievements. Sometimes, these angels and moakals appear to the reader, but this is high time and requires maturity of the wazifa. Don’t be afraid of them, they will help and guide you to the right path of success. These angels and moakals will also protect you from satanic attacks. This wazifa is quite beneficial to all people regardless of race, creed and religion; provided they read it regularly with faith. Three chillas of 120 days (containing 40 days each) may suffice to the fulfillment of your lawful needs and legitimate requirements. This is totally a Noorani Wazifa; hence, no unnecessary and illegitimate things (i.e. forbidden according to Shariah) may be demanded from Allah after the completion of this wazifa. Pray Allah for the things that are not harmful to others. Whoever meditates on this wazifa very much in the whole year, especially in the morning, in the noon and in the evening, will certainly be blessed with health, plenty of wealth and reputation in the society and with much more beyond expectations.

In addition to this,

1. Allah bestows the reader with long life.

2. Allah bestows the reader with various kinds of powers in his/her personality.

3. Allah bestows the reader with relief from diseases, and wards off all miseries.

4. Allah fulfills all the lawful and genuine desires of the reader.

5. Allah bestows the reader with protection from harm, wherever he or she is, whether s/he is in a bus, in a car, in a railway train, in a plane, or in a bazaar or on the road.

6. Allah bestows the reader with relief from stomach diseases, if s/he reads this wazifa just before taking food.

7. Allah bestows the reader with sanctification of bath, if this wazifa is read just before taking a bath.

8. Allah bestows the reader with long life, good health, peace and prosperity, at his/her own home, provided this wazifa is read all the 365 days of the year and this wazifa gets maturity.

9. Allah helps the reader in dire needs, and grants necessary boons to the reader of this wazifa.

10. Allah bestows the reader with true enlightenment and helps him/her to become a great blessing to the department where s/he works at, to the society where s/he lives in and to the entire world if s/he prays for. His/her words become a blessing to everyone.

11. Allah bestows the reader with special spiritual power to give someone with immediate relief from the bites of poisonous insects and creatures like scorpion and snakes, provided this wazifa gets matured, with constant repetition for the whole life.

12. Allah bestows the reader with special spiritual power to give protection to those who have become prey of black magic, and anti-effects of demons instigated by black magic.

13. Allah bestows the reader with special spiritual power to face the enemies.

14. With regular chanting of this wazifa, Allah dilutes the gloom in the family, throws light and new hopes, and destroys all delusions from the life of the reader; and thus belated marriages are settled.

15. In the home where this wazifa is chanted, Allah bestows the reader with food or shelter, and grants the fortune of children in the family.

16. Even though this holy wazifa is chanted for the highest Light from Allah, still Allah fulfills all the legitimate wishes of the reader.

17. With regular chanting of this wazifa, Allah bestows the reader with special spiritual power to bring healing to any sickness, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

18. Allah bestows the reader with service/job/employment. This wazifa is also a great boon for those who are looking for suitable matches for their children, to marry with."

19. If any bachelor or virgin chants this wazifa, he or she will have a suitable talented match to marry with.

20. If we have any enemy, he cannot dare to hurt us.

21. This wazifa will promote your business manifold, if any; and you will have a good revenue generation. Your income will increase surprisingly.

22. If your promotion is withheld for certain reason, same will be released since you start chanting this wazifa and pray Allah Almighty. Read this wazifa for 120 days regularly.

23. If man or wife does not want separation, this wazifa will help them restore their normal relationship.

24. If your children are not paying heed to their education, you should start the recitation of this wazifa. It will constrain them to focus on their education.

25. This wazifa helps those who are looking for jobs, i.e. for the job-seekers.

26. This wazifa helps those who want to memorize the Holy Quran.

27. This wazifa is a great boon for those who are issueless, i.e. not having children of any sort. This wazifa also helps to those who have daughters in their families, and want to have sons.

28. The woman who is having infertility problems, if read this wazifa, will get over her problem. Allah will bless her children and she will be a fruitful woman for her husband.

29. Allah saves the reader of this wazifa from all sorts of accidents, thunders, earthquakes, and any divine miseries.

30. Allah will deliver the reader from all fictitious charges leveled against him/her. Worldly trustees/advocates/pleaders may get defeats in their cases, but Allah is the One Who never gets defeat in any case. He is the Most High Trustee, Advocate, and Pleader of the cases.

31. The reader of this wazifa if put in jail for certain fictitious grounds, will get release from jail custody. Allah will bestow the reader of the wazifa with dignity and honor after his/her release.

N.B. It should be noted that the benefits detailed in this chapter are not limited to the above detail. The benefits are in fact too many to find proper expression. The aspirant will definitely experience something more during the process of his continuous chanting.

Permission to read this wazifa is generally granted to all regardless of race, creed and religion, but if anyone who wants to get special permission from the undersigned, may inform the undersigned of his/her name along with mother’s name. Moreover, phone contact can also be made at Mobile No. 03022380749 from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm PST (Pakistani Standard Time).

Remember me and my deceased spiritual teacher Hazif Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah in your prayers,

Muhammad Ali.
Rohani Baba, (The Spiritual Saint)
Mobile No. 03022380749
E.MAIL : ali.muhammad@secp.gov.pk
Website: http://rohanibabamuhammadali.webs.com
For seeking written permission you may send your name and mother’s name along with post paid envelop with your address written over it at the following mailing address:-

Mailing Address:

Muhammad Ali,
Flat No.D-21, Azeem Plaza,
Badshahi Road,


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